Video Interview - Chinese Market for Imported Cosmetics

During my business trip in Beijing end of November 2017 I had a chance to discuss the Chinese market for imported cosmetics with a good friend and an absolute market specialist Mrs. Hellen Li Liu. She is the editor in chief of China Cosmetic Review, a well-known magazine for cosmetics and supply industry. She has more than 20 years of industrial experiences.

We met each other through a project and became friends. Every time when I’m in Beijing we have dinner together and exchange market information. I’m very impressed by her experience and market insight. This time during our dinner in a busy restaurant in Beijing I decided to do a spontaneous interview with her.

We talked about the market trends, European and Asian cosmetics, sales channels, online channels etc. Here is a brief summary of her points:

For more detailed information please check out the video.

Video Interview - Chinese Market for Imported Cosmetics

Foto: Mei Gräfe

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