Mei Gräfe

Mei Graefe
Owner and Managing Director, Munich

Born in China, Ms. Graefe has more than 20 years of international working experiences. She worked 10 years as an enterprise consultant and Key Account Manager for German companies after achieving her MBA degree in Germany. Her work focus has always been Asia . Since 2009 she has been providing consulting services to international companies for their business development in Asia. Ms. Graefe also hosts seminars, holds professional presentations and writes contributed articles for industrial and trade magazines. She is married and has one son.

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Na Li
Project Manager, Beijing

Ms. Li is an expert in market entry regulations in China. With over 15 years experience in this area, she handles market entry formalities for our Clients, for example brand Registration, cosmetic product registration and registration for dietary supplement.


Sara Zhao
Project Manager, Beijing

Sara is an expert for registration of complex products like baby Skin care products, cosmetic products with Special functions and new cosmetic ingredients. She studied chemistry and has more than 10 years of experience in her field.


Ying Ly
Marketing Consultant, Beijing

Ying studied Media Economy and could collect experience in market research and markting analysis.  She has deep market insight, knowledges about the local consumers and social media scene.


Wendy Deng
Marketing and Social Media Assistant, Munich 

Wendy supports our marketing projects and is in charge of the translation of the company and product information of our clients. She also coordinates the team work between Germany and China.



Ms Mei Graefe will take part in VIVANESS  Nuernberg, on 15th February 2018

Presentation "Off to China! (?) What you should know first"

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