18th Feb. 2017 - Presentation of Mrs. Mei Gräfe
"New ways of brand communication and social media marketing for luxury goods and watches for the Chinese Market" on INHORGENTA 2017 Munich.
30th March 2017 - Presentation of Mrs. Mei Gräfe
„The Chinese market for cosmetics“ on 7th Fresenius Cosmetics conference, Mainz.

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Laying the foundation

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Unlock China for your business!

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Laying the foundation
A Chinese saying goes that “A journey of thousand miles begins with the first step“. The complexity of market entry into an Asian market in many perspectives can be compared to a long journey with multiple challenges. A successful start is vital for the long-term success. Read more...
Revenue growth
Not every company expanding overseas can set up their own presence in a foreign market from the beginning on, since it requires an enormous amount of resources and investment. How can you then grow your revenue in a foreign country like China? Read more...
Brand communications
China is a large competitive market with ever growing purchasing power for cosmetics and lifestyle products. The competition between local and international companies keeps intensifying. Brand name companies make big investment in order to raise awareness among Chinese buyers and to build up a long-term positive market image. Read more...
Our services bring you the following advantages:
All our staff in Munich, Beijing and Hong Kong abide by the following principles: The result is increased competitiveness of your enterprise in China and international market!
Product Registration for Children Skin Care Products in China

This article was published in Euro Cosmetics 1/2/2016.

Cosmetic products produced out of China need to be firstly registered before they can be sold officially and physically in China. Although there are now possibilities to sell the products without the product registration, for example selling the product online or via free trade zones in China, but getting the product registrations and export the products officially into the Chinese market is still the best way to really tap the full potential of the enormous Chinese market.

Digital China: Online Business for Consumer Goods

This article was published in COSSMA 10/2015.

The triumphant appearance of online sales platforms in China will have tremendous potential in the future. Here you will find out the juicy details on this promising distribution channel and what to consider if you want to get involved with your brand.

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